The 15 Best Nike KD 6 Releases

Tomorrow, Nike Basketball will officially unveil the Nike KD 7, thusly putting a close to an exceptionally rich chapter in the KD signature shoe novel. Since the KD 6’s debut roughly one year ago, sneaker fans were treated with a plethora of amazing colorways rooted in Durant’s personal life; it started with the lead-off “Seat Pleasant” colorway, which paid tribute to the local rec center where he fine-tuned his hooping skills, and it just closed out with an unexpected fragment design collaboration. In all, there were thirty different releases of the KD 6 (in base, Premium, EXT, and Elite form), but here at Sneaker News, we decided to chop the list down and rank the fifteen best of the bunch.

In this list of the 15 Best Nike KD 6 Releases is a collection of the best colorways of this amazing shoe; many are obvious choices, but there’s a story beneath the colors and prints that compelled us to select each pair with purpose. How did we come about this list? Each Sneaker News staff member created his own list of KD 6s, and with the power of some basic math and statistics, we’ve arrived a certified (by Sneaker News) list of the best KD 6s of the year. Enjoy our compilation below, and stay tuned to Sneaker News for all the best updates and information on the KD 7, which will officially debut tomorrow at noon.


Kevin Durant went global last summer, spending time out in Asia as part of the 2013 Nike Basketball tour. The beginning of that trip had the OKC star in Shanghai launching a special edition of the Nike KD 6 “Bamboo”. The sneakers would eventually make their way to the states a couple of months later, with their slow arrival helping to build the anticipation.

Of course when they did hit here they were lacking that unique bamboo box that really drove home the theme of China’s traditional “Six Arts”, but they were celebrated nonetheless. The Nike KD 6 Bamboo was also notable for being one of the first pairs to fiddle with the logo on the outsole – this time it featured an amalgamation of the Chinese character for “bamboo” and Durant’s own initials.

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