10 brilliant social media examples for your B2C content marketing

Every great branding campaign needs quality content backed by kickass social media pages to boost traction. A creative, informative and well-crafted blog is time wasted if your audience never has the opportunity to read it.

Most people on social media aren’t looking to buy products, in fact, they’re often not even looking for an informative read. Instead, they’re looking for entertainment. So how do businesses use these platforms to grab attention, pique curiosity and invite followers to find out more? It’s a mix of exciting visuals, compelling design and relevant topics.

We’ve picked out some of the best brands getting their social media visuals and content marketing right.

Facebook Campaigns

01. Expedia – Linking one campaign to another


Expedia primarily sells flights, accommodation and holidays. But it’s a competitive market out there so they need to come up with ways to keep their audience excited about the product. Luckily, they have mastered content marketing with their blog Out There Starts Here. The blog is particularly effective at offering its audience tips, guides and inspiration for their next big trip (which of course they’ll be booking on Expedia).

Expedia’s social media campaign complements their blog perfectly by using effective travel images paired with curiosity-inducing copy. Interested in what Zoe Foster-Blake is eating in Italy? Then head to the blog to find out! Maybe book a flight to Italy while you’re at it. Notice that in each of their posts, they include the campaign title or slogan. It’s a simple step but it’s another way to create recall for their campaign and can help direct audiences back to their website.

Use this same technique when you roll out your next promotional, marketing or sales campaign. It can be as simple as finding a relevant images and branding it with your campaign title or slogan.

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