All three are vital components whether you intend to race, focus on sportives, aim to ride your first century ride or simply want to get better as a rider. You’ll need a reasonable base level of fitness not to mention strong willpower as well as the ability to focus and stick to a plan. But, it’ll be worthwhile in the end: the immense satisfaction of seeing the rewards of your hard work is something quite special, not to mention the warm afterglow of a hard training session as you work towards your goal..

Follow our advice and you’ll be well on the road…


There are no real shortcuts to improving your endurance, it takes hours and hours on the bike over a period of time, but if your training is more focussed and smarter and you’re willing to push yourself then you won’t need to spend an inordinate amount of time slugging out the miles.

Before you tackle the longer miles ensure you’ve fuelled up properly; so a decent breakfast or pre ride meal plus food and or energy products and drink to get you through the ride. On these rides make sure you are fuelling little and often, to ensure your glycogen stores are topped up. (every 20 mins to half an hour on a four hour ride is ideal.)

Remember to pace your longer rides, starting off steadier at a tempo you know you can sustain.

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