These Are the 11 Coolest Sneakers of the Week

Kanye West’s latest Yeezy will catch most of the attention of sneaker lovers this weekend, but we hope you don’t miss everything else. There’s a real blend of low fashion and high fashion with the introduction of a new Gucci sneaker, alongside affordable picks from Adidas. The highly anticipated annual collection of child patient-designed Doernbecher sneakers is finally here. Plus, we’ve brought together neutral colorways for anyone looking to add new sneakers to their collection that fit into the fall colors. Don’t forget: Shopping for sneakers should be fun! Let it be.



SHOP $740,

If you want to know what’s trending in designer sneakers right now, Gucci’s newest sneaker, the Rhyton, is right on target. It’s a chunky white runner that’s been pre-distressed, giving you that worn-in look fresh out of the box. At $740 a pair, it’s not the most affordable sneaker on the list this week, but it’s certainly on the cutting edge of what’s happening in fashion. These are a low-key flex for 2018, and worth grabbing if you’re on that wave.

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