Best Hikes In Nepal – There’s Something for Everyone Here

With many of the worlds tallest mountains on earth, it’s easy to see why Nepal is such a hot-spot for hikers.

The wild landscape, rugged terrain and beautiful vistas make the tiny mountain country of Nepal a favourite of trekkers. With so many incredible trails, it’s sometime difficult to actually pin down the one that is right for you.

In an effort to help make things a little clearer, we have put together a list of what we think are the 10 best hikes in Nepal.

Best Hikes in Nepal

Everest Base Camp trek – 14 days, Everest Region


With over 30,000 trekkers a year, the Everest Base Camp trek is by far the most popular hike in Nepal. The iconic trek follows the original route laid down by Hillary and tenzing in their famous and successful summit attempt in 1953. The trail follows the Khumbu valley through cultivated pastures and past authentic Sherpa villages. You’ll see several Buddhist monasteries along the way and the views of Everest itself are simply stunning, especially if you opt to climb up Kala Patthar to the excellent viewing point. Although you can’t see the summit of Everest from base camp, you’ll get up close to the infamous Khumbu Ice fall. If you’re drawn to tall mountains then this is the trek for you! Particularly as you’ll also be able to see Lhotse.

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