The 15 Best Nike KD Releases In History

It’s hard to ignore all the chatter going on regarding Kevin Durant’s undecided allegiance to a sneaker brand. It’s still a tug-of-war of sorts between Nike and Under Armour, a brand that has rapidly emerged as a possible front-runner in the KD sweepstakes thanks to their deep pockets and DC headquarters. Nothing regarding Durant’s decision has been confirmed yet, although there are small tidbits of info that may or may not reveal what the defending NBA MVP has his heart set on. Regardless of whether Kevin re-ups with Nike or begins a new era at Under Armour, his tenure with the Swoosh has been a memorable one for many reasons – his sneakers being one of them.

The Nike KD signature line has evolved before our eyes, starting from a relatively bargain-priced selection to perhaps the most popular sig shoe on the planet. The recently unveiled KD 7 only added to the momentum, but soon enough we’ll discover if that forward movement comes to a complete halt or continues strong without skipping a beat.

Nike KD 1 “Sonics”

It lasted just one season, but Kevin Durant started his career in Seattle before the franchise switched to OKC. Nike released this Sonics colorway of the KD1, matching his Home jersey.

Nike KD 1 “OKC”

Once the switch was made, Nike introduced this OKC colorway of the KD 1 – one that would be a recurring theme throughout the entire KD line.

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