The 8 Best Gym Shoes for Every Type of Workout

Nobull Canvas Trainers

At first glance, these canvas sneakers look like lifestyle shoes. And to be honest, you can wear them around all day long — they’re that comfortable. Don’t be deceived though, the perforated canvas is rough to the touch over the high carbon lateral and medial guards for added balance support. The lighter colored canvas gets dirty very quickly — especially in the weight room — but the forest green doesn’t seem to have the same problem. Similar to the Nike Metcons, there is a 4mm drop. These are the lowest price point in the category, coming in under $100.

York Athletics The Henry Mesh

These unisex sneakers felt light for the amount of support they provided — they weigh in at 8.3 ounces despite having the highest offset with a 9mm drop. Originally designed for fighters, the Henrys feature a mesh upper that is extremely breathable whether you’re box jumping, pistol squatting or throwing punches. I was concerned about how comfortable the mesh upper would be on the treadmill, but it’s nowhere near uncomfortable when running. There’s not much support underfoot, but there is enough to get through sprints and a boot camp class. The high heel pull tab didn’t rub during squats, lunges or mountain climbers. The toe box is large enough to offer room for toe splay to aid in balance, but not so wide it looks disproportionate or bulky. The textured lining is comfortable and minimizes heel slippage.

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