14 facts you probably didn’t know about Finland

You probably already knew it as the home of Saint Nick and for having one sauna for every two citizens, but how much do you really know about Finland? Quiz yourself with these 14 surprising facts about the unique Nordic nation.

1. Feel like a failure? You’re a winner in Finland

Further cementing the nation’s wonderfully off-beat sense of humour, Finland has an annual Day for Failure every October 13th. Started in 2010, the ceremony celebrates bad news and ill-fortune as a way of learning for the future. Better luck next time, losers!Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff

2. They have record-beating nature

A couple kayak through Finland's lakes.

It’s affectionately referred to as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, but that number doesn’t even come close. There are a whopping 187,888 lakes within the territory of Finland – the most of any country in the world. If you’re more comfortable roaming around by foot, there’s a total of 179,888 Finnish islands to explore.

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