15 Best Photography Locations in Sydney [Sunrise, sunset and during the day]

Why finding the best photography locations in Sydney is not an easy job? Because Sydney is a rare example of beautiful city made of 6 million people and there are really many spots that can be highlighted as the best around. I do live in Melbourne but, as a photographer, I visit Sydney on a regular basis for my work. I just can’t stop myself waking up early in the day and visit a new corner of the city before starting my day shooting, or why not at sunset time!

If you are in the city for just few days I would probably suggest to stay around the harbour bridge, the Botanical Garden, have a bus trip to Bondi Beach and take a ferry to Manly. You are almost sure that you will cover a great deal of sites and you will visit some of the best photography locations in Sydney

There is definitely not a ranking in the below list. The numbers are not related to a visiting order either. It is all based on what you are looking for, as a subject, and the type of photography. #1 is probably one of the most hidden places, at least in my Sydney experience

At the end of the post there is a summary map with all the locations. You can save it or print it and use it as a reference in your Sydney photography walk. Wherever applicable I describe also how to reach the location, best time of the day to make a photo and close-by sites worth a visit.

Always try a different corner for the best result and don’t forget to post the result on our Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram account(#mel365). We love to hear from you. Looking forward to it

Just the last note, if you are still planning your trip to Sydney, and maybe Australia, and thinking to buy a camera, you may be interested to the review on the Best Travel Camera, updated monthly.

A map is right at the end of this post, you can visit most of these sites on your own for a full DIY experience.

However if you prefer to have a guide, which can help also to improve your photography, then have a look to these two options

Botanical Garden – Art Gallery Road over M1

What I love the most of this location is how the light trails take your eyes straight to the city. It’s a great site, not too far away from Sydney CBD, just next to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and The Pavilion Restaurant

When: the blue hour after sunset gives the best result. The blue sky creates a lovely contrast to the city lights

How: check the quick Three steps to shoot light trails free tutorial. The long exposure is the key setting

Setting: 13sec at f/10, 24mm, ISO 100 (Nikon D600 + Nikkor 24-120mm f/4)

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