15 Historical Mystifications Proving That People Are Ready to Believe Everything They Hear

We all want to believe in magic from time to time. But we also know that fairies don’t exist and spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees. Can you imagine that some people truly believed this? Let’s see how easy it is to convince the crowd.

Bright Side has found 15 historical facts proving that even skeptics will believe any story, but on one condition: it has to be convincing.

“Rabbits’ mother” Mary Toft, 1726

An English woman from Surrey managed to puzzle and fool doctors: she convinced them that she gave birth to… rabbits. After the 15th rabbit delivery, investigators uncovered the hoax. After this incident, people laughed at doctors who believed that the woman could change a fetus inside her womb with the help of the power of thought.

Great Moon Hoax, 1835

The Great Moon Hoax is a series of 6 articles that were published in The Sun, a New York newspaper. The article discusses a huge telescope that was placed at the Cape of Good Hope that helped scientists see the Moon’s surface and discover a civilization of bat-like, winged humanoids. The hoax was uncovered a few weeks later after the first publication. By the way, the newspaper never became less popular, people just laughed at their own gullibility.

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