15 of the Best Breathtaking Hikes in the World

Here’s nothing quite like making your way through some of the most beautiful natural wonders our planet has to offer on foot – light, nimble, and truly one with nature. If you’re an avid hiker, you may want to plan your next trip around these amazing adventures. Some are multi-day treks, suitable for a longer holiday, while others simply end in incredible views. In our opinion, these are the best hikes in the world.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

15 of the Best Hikes Around the World

It wouldn’t be a list of hikes without this Natural Wonder. The Grand Canyon has a number of truly amazing hikes to allow you to experience the canyon in all of its glory. For day hikers, take a walk on the Rim Trail, which extends thirteen miles from the Grand Canyon Village to the Hermits Rest viewpoint. Luckily, the Grand Canyon offers a shuttle bus to take you back to the Village after your trek.

If you are looking for an overnight or multi-day hike, you can contact the Backcountry Information Center to get a permit to camp within the Grand Canyon. You can hike from rim to rim, crossing through Phantom Ranch over the Colorado River, or simply hike down Bright Angel Trail, camp at the base, and head back up.

Inca Trail, Peru

This 26 mile journey deposits lucky hikers at Machu Picchu, the “Lost City of the Incas.” It is a four-day hike with many changes in scenery along the way. It has become a world-renowned hike, with visitors from all over the world heading to Peru to take the journey. Trek permits are necessary to complete the hike, but you can join up with guided tours or group services to ensure you are always hiking with someone!

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