The Best Photography Locations in Singapore

Singapore is a lush oasis that packs a whole lot of culture and innovation into it’s tiny size. As a city and country built on an island spanning just 50km from east to west, Singapore is surprising in more ways than one.

It’s a regular stopover destination for many doing the long haul leg between Europe and Australia/Asia and boasts various neighbourhoods, gardens and architectural wonders.

Below you’ll find a guide to the best photography locations in Singapore, giving you the pick of the photogenic places for your next visit to this fascinating city.

First up as usual is a map so you know exactly where to find each location…

Tiong Bahru

This heritage rich neighbourhood is my pick of places to go and experience a different side of Singapore. It’s a little like stepping back in time yet it’s also clear Tiong Bahru is one very happening part of town. Trendy cafes, boutiques and patisseries are popping up beside the more traditional Tiong Bahru Market. The streets of Tiong Bahru are like a zen garden in comparison to Orchard Rd however inside the market you’ll find a hive of local interaction as people come to buy flowers, fruit and fresh fish.

Tiong Bahru is well known for murals with history depicted in a series of beautifully painted scenes that adorn the walls of alleys and building facades. The murals tell stories of the past with descriptions also written alongside each scene. You’ll find a map to the murals located above…my favourite was the Bird Singing Corner, where local bird lovers once brought their pets to sing and chirp.

Getting Here: Take the MRT to Tiong Bahru Station (EW17) which is located on the East West Line (Green) or catch a bus to get dropped off right by the Tiong Bahru Market.

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