5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in InDesign

From creating interactive EPUBs  and drawing logos to applying effects to text and graphics, here are five cool things you may not have known you could do in InDesign.

You may think that Photoshop is the graphic designer’s go-to tool for creating advanced work, but InDesign actually has just as much to offer for creatives.Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff

Before you dive into these InDesign secrets, be sure to download the Shutterstock Plugin. It lets you search, license, and download any image from  Shutterstock directly within InDesign, meaning you never have to leave the application when you’re busy getting creative.

Cool Thing #1: Create Vector Logos

To create scaleable, high-resolution logo designs, most designers opt for the vector capabilities of Illustrator or Inkscape. However, InDesign is perfect software for creating vector logos too.Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff

You’ll find many of the same drawing tools in InDesign as you will in Illustrator. Add to this advanced typographic editing, intuitive color panels and pro-standard effects in the Effects window (Object > Effects) and you’ve got a complete arsenal of tools for creating logos, as well as other vector illustrations.

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