Top 10 Best Pink Lakes In The World You Should Visit

t’s one thing to go swimming in a lake on a warm day. It’s a whole other experience to go swimming in a lake that’s bright pink! The water of a lake can appear pink for a number of reasons and the shade of pink might vary, but you can’t deny the unique colors of these waters! Below you will find the 10 best pink lakes in the world where you can have a truly unique experience.

10 Best Pink Lakes In the World:

#1. Lake Hillier, Australia

Situated on Middle Island, the water in Lake Hillier is permanently pink. Even if you take water out of the lake, it won’t change colors! The shore of the lake is covered in salt deposits and samples of the water show a high level of saltiness as well. No one can actually confirm why this lake actually looks more like a giant blob of bubble gum from the sky.

Pink Lake : Best Pink Lakes In the WorldPhoto: Alekberov/Flickr

Lake Hillier : Best Pink Lakes In the WorldCourtesy of wikimedia commons

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