Top 10 Swiss Watch Brands

The term “Swiss Made” isn’t just another commodity label for a place of origin, but more importantly a seal of approval and a mark of quality recognised worldwide. Today, more than half of the total of all luxury watches are from Switzerland. In terms of their craftsmanship, sometimes it’s just a subtle difference that distinguishes this group of watch manufacturers from one another. This is also usually why most people don’t make a decision for or against a watch brand based solely on a set of objective criteria but more because of “soft” factors such as the public image that’s connected with a Swiss watch manufacturer.

Even more subjective is the following list of the Top 10 Swiss watch brands. Join us as we take you on a brief trip to the epicentre of mechanical watchmaking. This journey won’t just take us to the watch metropolis Geneva: a city that two of the most famous and renowned brands call home. It will also lead us to the less populated valleys of Switzerland, where there are almost as many watchmakers as there are inhabitants.

IWC (Schaffhausen)


Our journey begins in Schaffhaussen. Just a few kilometers away from the German border, where the International Watch Company was originally founded in 1868. Since then, it stands for Swiss watches produced according to the highest possible technical benchmarks. In 1993, IWC constructed one of the most complicated wristwatches in history: the Destriero Scafusia. In the 1950s, IWC produced timepieces as one of a few manufacturers with case sizes larger than 4 centimeters and with pocket watch calibres that were highly accurate and reliable.

Today, IWC is in sync with current trends without the necessity of having had to adapt at some point in time. As far as its recent collection is concerned, IWC’s range of timepieces is more substantial than it has ever been before. There are elegant timekeepers in the form of the Portugieser and Portofino, diving watches like the Aquatimer, and of course the pilot watches genre with which IWC is inseparably connected since the 1930s.

Famous Models: Portugieser, Mark, Große Fliegeruhr (Big Pilot), Portofino, Aquatimer, Ingenieur

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