15 Best Places to Travel Alone in the World

Travelling alone is the best option if you are an adventurous person because you are free from any kind of obligation and responsibility kind of thing. You can move like free bird without any kind of tension. Solo travelling can prove out to be the most rewarding one as you travel according to your own choice and nobody else influences you. Travelling alone can more of a kind of self-discovery as you got to spend some time with yourself which is very important. Actually when you are travelling solo, it is always your call about what all you want to do on your vacation.

Whether you just need to sit across the beach side and relax, or you want to explore the city, it’s totally on you. But you need to keep yourself safe and secure because when a tourist travels alone, he is exploited the most. You also need to keep one more thing in your mind is that when you travel solo; you must travel in a happy country which means people should welcome you there whole heatedly. This you can find on The Global Peace Index or the Happy Planet Index to find out where people live a long and happy life. So, here is the list of the top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone which you can enjoy and explore alone making them the ideal destination for you to visit.


Best Places to Travel Alone

Portland, ore is located on the West Cost of the United States where two rivers meet i.e  Williamette and Columbia river. It is one of the Best Places to Travel Alone to explore especially when you are travelling alone as there are a lot many things which you can endure alone only. The best thing about this place is the delicious and cheap street food which they call food cart. Then if you have got a sweet tooth, then go visit the Voodoo Donut which tastes like heaven. Explore the forest area and get some pictures clicked there. So, all in all it is a very affordable city to visit and apart from that the city is safe and secure in all matters but avoid travelling on a bike. It can be a little risky.


Best Places to Travel Alone

The city of Toronto is situates in the Southern Ontario on the North West shore of Lake Ontario, Canada. It is a city that never stops and has a huge population as well. You need to explore the island of the Toronto city which are eight in number. Just arrange a local ferri, and you are ready to go. The islands have a totally different environment from this modern city. The natural beauty of the island will leave you awestruck. Talking about the city, the best is the St. Lawrence Market which is the world’s best market I suppose. You can explore the city through public transport which is cheap and affordable.

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