5 cool things about the design of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Graycliff

As grandiose as it may appear to those of us who live in modest houses, there is an undeniable purity to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Graycliff estate.

It sits at the edge of a gray cliff, hence Graycliff.

It’s 100 feet from the shore of Lake Erie, so the landscape design featured a pond and reflecting pool meant to draw a line from the land to the water. Its owners loved light, so it is filled with light.

Nothing wildly complicated, just a structure designed to harmonize with the natural beauty of its site.

As the complex prepares for the opening of its 2018 public tour season April 30, Graycliff Conservancy Executive Director Robert Wooler led a tour of the site. It is undergoing the final phase in a $7 million restoration process slated to be completed next year.

Wooler shared plenty of background about the house, its construction and its architectural features. Here are five highlights:

The signature cliff leading to the Graycliff estate provided much of the material for the interior and exterior of the house. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

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