The 10 Rules of Shed Hunting

Look Hard Enough

This may sound counter to Rule 9, but it’s not. You have to look, and look everywhere. Yes, you’ll find some antlers lying in winter-flattened foodplot. But most will be in thickets and along well-beaten deer paths. Those antlers will look like twigs and sticks and anything but an antler…until you realize it is an antler. So make sure you look hard, but not too hard…

Bring Your Dog

black hunting dog shed antlers

I have a 2-year-old lab that loves to run around the woods and has a way of making every walk in the brush a little bit more enjoyable. She’ll haul a shed around and gnaw on it for hours if I give her one. Will she ever find one on her own? Maybe not. But I still hold out hope. Dogs trained to find sheds can find them far better than you can. So bring your dog along…and if it actually knows how to hunt for sheds, well, that’s all the better.

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