The Top 10 Photo Spots in Istanbul

Istanbul is the only city in the world which spans over two continents. Constantinople, the New Rome, Tsargrad, Stamboul are just a few of the names this grand city has been bestowed over the past two millennia. The former Ottoman and Byzantine capital has an endless range of diverse and captivating neighborhoods wherever you choose to wander. The city is a contrast between east and west, and old and new, making it a photographers dream.

You can visit Istanbul a hundred times and still find something completely new and fascinating however, to make things easier we have listed 10 of the most interesting locations to photograph in Istanbul.

Istanbul Ferry

Istanbul Ferry (Photo by Eren Sarigul)

Istanbul Ferry (Photo by Eren Sarigul)

The best way to get around Istanbul and to the Princes’ Islands is via the iconic Istanbul ferry boats. Commuter ferries have been operating on the Bosporus since 1851 and continue to serve as a key public transport link for many thousands of commuters, tourists, and vehicles per day.

The Istanbul ferries offer some of the the best views of the Bosporus, Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), and Maiden’s Tower as well as offering interesting opportunities to photograph the people onboard.

I highly recommend getting on the ferry to either capture sunrise or sunset for some truly exceptional scenes.

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