10 Cool Things to Experience at NYCxDesign’s Design Pavilion

Pratt Institute Installment

Foldable packaging designed by Pratt Students

Pratt design students collaborated with the New York State Department of Environment Conservation and created “The Future of Take-Out,” which seeks alternative purposes for fast-food packaging and focuses on waste reduction, marine-friendly packaging, and more environmentally-friendly solutions to better transport take-out food. The collaborators behind the “Future of Take-Out” propose that, “A sharing economy of reusable carryout containers could eliminate the need for plastic take-out containers.”Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff Cool Stuff

The free exhibit brings awareness to architects and designers exploring the Design Pavilion’s installations, multimedia presentations and talks, as well as to everyday Times Square pedestrians, intrigued by a structure made up of naturally-derived tubes with models of food trays and utensils, along with educational infographics. The group proposes better, conscientious package designs to get New Yorker to eat smarter!

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