6 Stories About Mysterious Disappearances That Many Generations Keep Scratching Their Heads Over

The history of humankind is full of mysteries that we may never solve. Many of them are connected to mysterious events that didn’t have any witnesses. Some of the most famous ones are the Dyatlov Pass incident and the history of the Lost Colony of Roanoke that became famous all around the world and formed the basis of many legends.

Today, Bright Side wants to share some mysterious and gripping stories of people who disappeared without a trace.

The disappearance of lighthouse watchers

The lighthouse located on the Scottish island Eilean Mor is known for the mysterious story of the disappearance of 3 adult men. It happened in 1900 when the main watcher of the lighthouse, Joseph Moore, said goodbye to his coworkers and left to the shore station of Breasclete. That’s how the first assistant of the watcher Thomas Marshall, the second assistant, James Ducat, and his assistant Donald McArthur, were left alone on the island on the 5th of December.

The lighthouse on the Eilean Mor island

10 days later, the Breasclete station got a notification from the crew of the Archtor ship. The sailors reported that there was no light on the lighthouse and that was going against all instructions. However, it was assumed that there was no serious reason so nobody went to the island to check whether everything was alright.

Joseph Moore arrived at the island on the 26th of December after a strong storm and couldn’t find anyone in the lighthouse. The doors and windows of it were locked, the raincoats of the lightkeepers were hanging inside, the lamps were fueled up, but the clocks were not moving.

The thing that was disturbing the order was a dinner table that was turned upside down. The men were not found in any of the rooms but Moore was sure that his employees couldn’t leave the lighthouse all together because, first of all, it was prohibited by the instructions and, additionally, the men were experienced and responsible people.

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