The 5 Best Cruiser Bikes Reviewed – [2018]

If you’ve ever ridden a cruiser bicycle on a boardwalk, country road or shoreline you know the feeling of utter escape and leisure on a bicycle. In this article we’ve determined the best cruiser bikes for doing just this kind of laid-back riding.

Firmstrong Urban

A popular bike brand when it comes to cruiser bikes, Firmstrong have a good reputation. The Urban is one of their most popular models. Not only does it come in a choice of colors, you can also choose different numbers of gears to customize it to the demands of your local area.

Firmstrong-Single-Cruiser-Bicycle rear wheel view

The bent steel frame looks great and has classic cruiser styling and a wide curving handlebar matches this style. Natural flex in the frame takes the sting out of bumps from the road that make it past the wide tires.

Comfort when riding the Urban is ensured not only by the frame and tires, but also by the wide handlebars that put you in an upright riding position. To support you in this position is a wide, sprung saddle.

You can choose the Urban in three different gear and brake setups. The singlespeed Urban has one coaster brake, while the 3-speed and 7-speed Urbans have rim brakes to give you more stopping power.

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