11 Stories of People Who Experienced a Glitch in the Matrix

In our everyday lives, everything seems to be debugged and familiar. But sometimes there are things that pull us out of our usual state of consciousness.

Bright Side found true stories of people who experienced a “glitch in the matrix” with phenomena that cannot be explained logically. Who knows? Maybe these weird and creepy stories are telling us that our world is just an invention of some extraneous mind.

  • One evening, my wife and I were returning home from a party. When I opened the door, I saw my wife sitting at the computer and working, as she almost always is when I come home. The thing is, this time my wife came into the house with me. When we went to bed, I told her that I had seen her sitting at the computer. She became serious then and said that when I opened the door,she also saw herself sitting at the computer.
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