Top 10 DIY Western Hunts


wyoming pronghorn hunting

Boasting a pronghorn population that rivals its human population, Wyoming is a speed-goat hunters Mecca. Opportunity abounds, tags are not prohibitively expensive or terribly hard to draw, and game is easy to find. The best hunting is typically on private land, where permits are easier to draw, but written permission is required to hunt. Sometimes that permission can be had with a friendly knock on a ranch house door, more often a trespass fee might be your ticket to access. Public land can also offer awesome hunting – but permits are tougher to draw and you’ll need to use a system like ONX maps to keep you on public land and out of trouble. Focus your efforts within a two-mile radius of water—that’s where you’ll find most of the speed goats. Application period is in late winter. Season dates vary from mid August to early November according to area and weapon type.

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