6 Bag Brands Worth Splurging On

Cheap bags are great, but everyone deserves at least one nice bag — something a little bit pricier, a little more special. That said, spending more doesn’t necessarily ensure that you are getting a higher quality bag. Sometimes it just means that you are paying a premium for a designer label. Then there are these six brands, which make high quality bags that are so stylish you could almost shop blind and still end up with something totally amazing that you would have and use for years to come.

Elizabeth and James

The Olsens are not messing around. These bags are luxe, stylish, and just all-around stunning. They walk the line between classic and trendy without a single misstep, making them well worth the added investment, no matter which style you choose.

From the top: Furry Light Gray Convertible Clutch, $645; Pastel Pink Mini Bucket Bag, $445; Slouchy Black Calf Hair Tote, $645; Black and Rouge Calf Hair Crossbody, $545

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