10 Most Photographed Places in Bangkok

here to take the best photos of Bangkok? Bangkok isn’t blessed with the good looks of Kyoto or Rome, but there is no arguing that Thailand’s capital has a unique charm. It’s a smiling, gap-toothed giant of a city, and its qualities are often captured through the lens by professional and aspiring photographers. Our years of experience of exploring every corner of Bangkok have left us with a detailed knowledge of the best places to go to capture the best angles of the city, and present it through the eyes of a foreigner at its exotic best. Follow our tips to ensure you go home with photos that will impress your friends and create a lifetime of nostalgia.

Wat Arun

Known as the Temple of Dawn, this is one of the most alluring images of ancient Bangkok. While the temple is actually located on the Thonburi side of the river, the best photographs are taken from across the river on the city side of the water. Choose a bar opposite and take your time with a glass in hand. Where to Shoot: In the morning, the rising sun bathes Wat Arun in light when seen from the city side of the river, whereas at sunset, professional photographers can get beautiful silhouettes in front of a deep orange orb. Alternatively, take a river cruise in the evening to see this stunning Khmer-style temple lit up at night.

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