Here Are the Best Custom Sneakers of 2018 (So Far)

We’re already more than halfway through 2018 and heading into the final stretch of what has been a big year for sneakers in more ways than one. While we’ve already rounded up our favorite Nike, adidas, and Jordan Brand sneakers of the year, we thought it might be time to take a look at what the custom sneaker community has had to offer in 2018.

Virgil Abloh and his deconstructed “The Ten” Nike collaboration have certainly helped push sneakerheads to adopt more of a DIY attitude toward their kicks, although customized sneakers have been around forever. Names such as Dominic Chambrone (aka The Shoe Surgeon), Mache Custom Kicks, and Joshua Vides are highly respected in the sneaker community. Their work is often closer to art than footwear, especially when you consider the time, skill, and work that goes into turning an idea into jaw-dropping reality.

So to celebrate the creativity in the community and shine a spotlight on some of the best creations out there, we’ve rounded up our favorite custom sneakers of the year (so far). Scroll through our selection and, as always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Till Jagla’s adidas YUNG-1 “Milka”

Till Jagla, aka @eartothestreet, put his own spin on adidas Originals’ YUNG-1 silhouette. The custom takes its name from the beloved German Milka chocolate brand, done up in the same shade of purple as seen on Milka wrappers. Jagla is trying to convince adidas to release his colorway, and as the YUNG-1 is one of adidas Originals’ hottest new silhouettes, we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing this custom made into an official release.

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